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Dendi Spotlight: Jesse O’Campo – LIS Success Through Lab Staff Engagement

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Dendi Team Spotlight Jesse O’Campo  Jesse O’Campo is a key figure at Dendi, bringing a wealth of experience from his extensive background in laboratory management. His expertise spans across various lab settings, from independent labs to expansive hospital laboratories.  As an Engagement Manager at Dendi, he channels his extensive experience working with laboratory personnel and […]

Why Adopting the Cloud-Based LIS is Vital for the Digital Health Revolution

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Embracing the Cloud-based LIS is the Next Big Move for Clinical Labs The US healthcare landscape is experiencing a seismic shift towards digital health with clinical laboratories standing at the forefront of the transformation. The question is no longer if labs should prioritize updating their IT infrastructure, but rather, which solutions are best-suited for the […]

LIS vs. LIMS: Choosing the Best System for Clinical Diagnostic Labs

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LIS vs. LIMS: Choosing the Best Laboratory Information System for Clinical Labs Choosing between a Laboratory Information System (LIS) and a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a critical decision for clinical diagnostic labs, but there isn’t always a clear answer. The terms “LIS” and “LIMS” are often mistakenly used interchangeably due to their similarities. […]

Dendi Spotlight: Lizzie VanSword – Lab Manager to LIS Product Manager

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Dendi Team Spotlight Lizzie VanSword, MLS (ASCP)  Lizzie VanSword is a seasoned professional in clinical laboratory science, with both depth and breadth in the field. Holding a Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Alabama, she’s also an active member of the American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists and the American […]

Uncovering the Risks of Legacy Lab Information Systems and Keys to a Successful LIS Switch

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Uncovering the Risks of Legacy Lab Information Systems and Keys to a Successful LIS Switch For medical laboratory professionals, it’s no secret that being adaptable is crucial for staying competitive in the rapidly evolving diagnostics industry. However, labs today struggle to address a looming issue that is one of the biggest inhibitors to lab growth: […]

Executive War College 2023 Recap

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Dendi’s insights on the trending topics of EWC 2023 such as how labs can prepare to utilize new tech solutions, extract value from data, optimize reimbursements, and be on the forefront of innovation.

The Post-COVID Lab Pivot: 4 Tips for Success in 2023

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Dr. Tiffany Bratton’s 4 suggestions for labs in 2023 Board-certified in clinical chemistry and histocompatibility, Tiffany Bratton, PhD. is an accomplished leader in the clinical lab space with extensive experience in healthcare administration, business strategy, and clinical diagnostics. Dr. Bratton has played key roles in establishing early commercial molecular labs and various laboratory businesses. In 2020, she […]

CareView360: an Emerging Tool to Revolutionize Chronic Care Management and Reduce the Costs of Adverse Drug Reactions

Nephrologists using CareView360 see an increase of 57% in care coordination patient engagement per chronic care management patient. Entering 2023, healthcare professionals are finding tremendous value in utilizing technology to access accurate data and easily-interpreted reports for clinical decision support to avoid making costly mistakes. One such example is Newstar Medical’s proprietary (patent-pending) medication safety […]