Dendi LIS – Clinical Lab Software Solutions


Thousands of medical & lab professionals utilize the Dendi platform to optimize
operations, accelerate growth, and stay nimble.


Optimize Operations

User Experience (UX) is the key to workflow and operational efficiency. Our ease-of-use and advanced functionality can reduce sample turnaround time (TAT) by 35%.


  • icon Integrated Provider Portal

    Improve provider satisfaction with an easy-to-use ordering workflow that delivers results seamlessly.

  • icon Patient Registration & Results Portal
  • icon Multi-Modality Workflows

Accelerate Growth

Growing quickly in the new testing environment means being able to seamlessly integrate with any data provider. Whether it’s a CRM, e-commerce site, reference lab – we have you covered. 

  • icon Instrument Integration

    Connect any instrument to Dendi’s platform whether it’s a chemistry analyzer, LC-MS, or a PCR system.

  • icon Billing/EHR Interface
  • icon Interoperability via API

Stay Nimble

Utilize Dendi’s analytics solutions as well as built-in decision support tools to make higher-quality, data-driven decisions.

  • icon Multi-Facility Support

    Manage multiple locations in a centralized user interface and monitor.

  • icon Revenue Cycle Management
  • icon Analytics & Data Administration