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Jesse O'Campo

Dendi Team Spotlight

Jesse O’Campo 

Jesse O’Campo is a key figure at Dendi, bringing a wealth of experience from his extensive background in laboratory management. His expertise spans across various lab settings, from independent labs to expansive hospital laboratories. 

As an Engagement Manager at Dendi, he channels his extensive experience working with laboratory personnel and laboratory management to support Dendi LIS users in successful implementations and continual workflow optimization. 

LIS Success Through Lab Staff Engagement

At Dendi, our mission extends beyond delivering advanced software solutions; we aim to address the all-too-common issue of poor software experiences within the diagnostics industry. We recognize that even the most sophisticated technology is, at its core, just a tool. Its true potential is unlocked only when implemented and utilized properly. Since lab operations and laboratory information systems are so complex, successful onboarding  is only possible with close customer engagement. This understanding shapes our approach: we prioritize not only the continuous development of our Dendi LIS software but also ensure it is matched with comprehensive training and responsive support. 

Jesse O’Campo embodies this ethos, bringing an invaluable blend of industry insight and a genuine commitment to our customers. He understands that in the dynamic world of clinical diagnostics, the success of our software hinges on our ability to provide the guidance and support necessary to fully leverage its capabilities.

Jesse O’Campo is a key figure at Dendi, bringing a wealth of experience from his extensive background in laboratory management. His expertise spans across various lab settings, from independent labs to expansive hospital laboratories. In this interview, we delve into Jesse’s role at Dendi and explore the vital contributions he makes in enhancing customer experience and workflow optimization through Dendi LIS.

Q: Describe your responsibilities at Dendi.

Jesse O’Campo: In simple terms, I’m like a bridge – connecting our software solutions to the unique needs of every laboratory. My role is multifaceted. I assist labs with onboarding onto Dendi LIS, offer comprehensive training for their staff, provide consultation, and strategize on workflow optimizations. It’s all about ensuring our clients fully leverage our system to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

It’s no one’s full time job to switch laboratory information systems.

Q: What are some common problems you assist our customers with?

Jesse: The transition to a new software system, like Dendi LIS, often brings challenges such as integration issues, data management complexities, and workflow inefficiencies. I draw upon my background to empathize with these pain points. For example, with Prime Labs, amidst their acquisition and physical relocation, the lab technicians were overwhelmed. I provided a “white glove” service, helping them with compendium setup, customer accounts, data formatting, and even coordinating with our instrument integrations team. My goal is to make these transitions seamless and efficient, understanding that lab personnel are busy and have multiple responsibilities.

Q: How would you characterize your role?

Jesse: I’d describe myself as a very approachable and helpful resource, but also a bit of a martyr in the sense that I’m committed to getting things done, no matter how challenging. I’m someone who’s not afraid to get down and dirty with the details to ensure our clients’ success.

Q: What are your keys to success for implementing a new lab system?

Jesse: Successful onboarding is crucial. Labs need to dedicate time to fully integrate with our system. This means setting up test menus and reports, and ensuring workflows are optimized. A common oversight is not utilizing features like the worklist or the documentation center effectively. My approach involves creating digestible flowcharts and providing training not only for our clients but also for their end-users, like how to create orders or manage accounts. It’s about understanding and documenting the granular workflows that are essential for their daily operations.

Q: What are the keys to ensuring a customer is getting the most out of the software?

Jesse: The key is engagement and continual follow-up. It’s crucial to ask if they are utilizing the full range of functions within Dendi to address their specific pain points. Even post-implementation, it’s important to ensure they are using the features effectively. I keep up with our customers, solicit their feedback, and take their suggestions to our product team for potential feature enhancements that benefit all our clients. It’s about staying connected and proactive in enhancing their experience with Dendi LIS.

Jesse O’Campo’s role at Dendi goes beyond mere technical support; he embodies the spirit of a true brand ambassador. His dedication and empathetic approach in solving complex lab challenges have not only advanced Dendi’s mission but also significantly elevated the operational success of their customers.