Dendi Lab Software Solutions


Simplify. Automate. Self-manage.

Simplify lab management with tools that automate workflows. Onboard with speed using a truly modern and intuitive user interface. Improve lab efficiency with fewer clicks to get the job done.

Gain Full-Service Capability

  • Attract and retain clients by offering a best-in-class user experience via the included provider portal or EHR interface.
  • Serve long-term post-acute care (LTPAC) clients with standing orders and configurable collection schedules.
  • Reduce repetitive ordering with batch ordering for patient groups.
  • Process samples faster with multi-order accessioning and automated sendout interfaces . 
  • Mobile phlebotomy support for mileage tracking and collection charge codes to capture more value.

High-Throughput Solutions

  • Configurable Plate Maps from 64 to 384-well plates make accessioning and organizing specimens quick and easy.
  • Auto-verification for speedy results delivery.
  • Worklists organize tasks amongst your staff.
  • Test menu management gives you the power to manage and modify your test menu, easily, without needing external support.
  • Instrument integrations automate high-throughput workflows, reducing manual work and allowing the lab to scale with fewer resources. Learn more about Dendi’s instrument connectivity solution.

Designed by Lab Folks

  • Dendi LIS is designed for lab folks by lab folks and developed by engineers utilizing modern software principles. The resulting product is one that is purpose-built for clinical labs on a cloud-native architecture. 
  • Feature requests are received by on-staff lab experts who  understand lab needs so that they work in a way that you expect.

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