Dendi Lab Software Solutions


Optimize. Differentiate. Stay Ahead.

Equip your lab with the tools to attract and retain clients, the business intelligence to run more efficiently, and the technology infrastructure to stay competitive into the future.

Eliminate Claims Rejections.

  • Give your clients instant access to the included Provider Portal for easy ordering and immediate results delivery. 
  • Protect against data entry errors with features that accurately capture patient demographic information.
  • Enhance patient records with document attachments like IDs, insurance cards, advanced beneficiary notices (ABN), and other medical necessity documentation to improve reimbursements.

Differentiate Lab Services.

  • Add value with Clinical Decision Support solutions like antimicrobial stewardship and PGx results interpretation.
  • Configurable Report Templates and Report Customization give providers results in a format that they demand.
  • Offer your clients EHR integrations with confidence, knowing that Dendi is built for quick and cost-effective implementations.
  • Operational reports and data analytics dashboards let you keep a pulse on your business to make sure you’re running efficiently.

Stay updated. Stay Supported.

  • Never be stuck on outdated software. Dendi’s frequent product update cycles ensures that you always benefit from the latest features and product enhancements.
  • Our best-in-class support team consists of lab professionals with decades of combined industry experience in lab management, healthcare data interfaces and revenue cycle.

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