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Interface with electronic health records quickly & seamlessly.

Easy ordering. Instant results.

Connect your lab to any EHR or EMR for smooth workflows for both you and your clients.

The entire EHR integration process is managed, end-to-end, so that you can focus on growing your lab services.

Seamless integrations for easy client onboarding
Automatic report delivery via portal, EHR, or fax
Sendout order management

Offer the EMR & EHR interfaces that your clients demand.

Empower your lab with an LIS built for integrations so that you can connect to clients quickly no matter the protocol. Whether its traditional HL7 or modern FHIR API, Dendi LIS enables your lab to interface with ease.

Get transparent electronic health record interfacing options, costs, and timelines so that implementations are predictable and efficient.

Do EHR integrations make sense for your lab?

Determining the ROI of Electronic Health Record Interfaces

1. What is the client’s sample volume?

Sufficient sample volume is the first consideration for determining the value of an EHR integration. Clients with low sample volume simply will not generate enough reimbursement revenue to justify the cost of an EHR integration and are better suited to alternative ordering solutions such as Dendi’s integrated Provider Portal.

2. What types of tests are being offered? Do your tests allow for discrete results delivery?

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) and other esoteric tests may pose different requirements and challenges to integrations such as if there are complex results interpretation requirements.

3. How long will you maintain the relationship with the hospital/clinic?

Short-term relationships risk poor ROI for EHR integrations. However, long-term relationships with clients that require large volumes of diagnostic testing like nursing homes and Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) facilities absolutely necessitate a seamless EHR integration, as many providers are reluctant to leave their own systems to place lab orders and see patient results.

Included Web Portal for Instant Ordering & Results

An alternative solution to EHR interfaces via its natively integrated Provider Portal – available for unlimited users at no additional cost.

This user-friendly, all-in-one solution is an ordering portal, patient self-registration page, and results-delivery system that simplifies the ordering process for healthcare providers while reducing expenses for the lab.

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Dendi LIS comes ready to interface with any health information exchange service. Choose the solution that is the best fit for your lab and experience seamless integrations.