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Galaxy Diagnostics and Dendi partner to develop the next wave of molecular diagnostics workflows.

Equipped with Dendi’s solutions, Galaxy Diagnostics reduced operational costs, increased efficiency, and scaled their business from a startup lab to a market leader in Bartonella and Lyme disease testing.

Celebrating Customer Success

Customer Testimonials

The Dendi platform is very user-friendly for our office and lab staff. Our clients’ staff have also been very satisfied with using Dendi to retrieve their results. They make positive comments about the product often. Our future with Dendi is very bright, and we’re very excited with what the Dendi team will continue to become.
Doug Nesbitt
Partner @ Southern Lab Partners
Switching to Dendi’s LIS has helped our lab immensely! The system provides the reliability we need while taking care of patients. We experienced very minimal downtime and their customer service is right there to get us up and running quickly! Our clients LOVE the portal interface and rave at how easy it is to use! It also interfaced with each of our instruments, billing company, and facility EMR systems, streamlining our processes. Our only complaint is that we didn’t switch to Dendi LIS sooner!
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Janene Shelledy
Lab Manager @ Solutions Lab and Healthcare Services
The Dendi team has been wonderful to work with. They are super responsive and listen carefully to our requirements. A+ for customer service! Dendi offers an easy-to-use, well-designed system at an affordable price point for new/small labs like us. We are excited to offer our customers secure access to patient results and secure remote access for our CLIA lab team. We are also excited to see additional functionality like integration with lab instruments and other software which will help us scale workflow more efficiently in terms of both time and money. We looked at a number of different cloud-based LIMS and Dendi was the best fit for our lab today with plenty of room to grow.
Amanda Elam Galaxy Diagnostics
Amanda Elam
CEO @ Galaxy Diagnostics
Before Dendi, we were juggling 3 different systems, each with their own limitations. This fragmented setup met demand during the pandemic but we knew it wasn’t a long-term solution. Consolidating multiple LISs and migrating to Dendi LIS seemed like a massive project, but they were impressively swift. The move was absolutely transformative for us. Dendi’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems and reference labs is an absolute game-changer. We now operate more cohesively and efficiently than ever before. Dendi set a new standard of operational excellence at NSL & NSG.
Bryan Brannon NSL
Bryan Brannon
CIO @ Natural State Labs | Natural State Genomics
Dendi's informatics platform and API suite have played a crucial role in streamlining Qvin's infrastructure and operations. By acting as an intermediary between our self-collected samples and complex laboratory analyzers, Dendi has enabled us to optimize every step of the laboratory workflow and tailored our unique use case. Moreover, Dendi's seamless integration with our software has helped us make our services more efficient and user-friendly, leading to better, more informed health decisions for the people we serve.
Søren Therkelsen
Søren Therkelsen
CSO @ Qvin
The Dendi team has been instrumental in automating, streamlining, and scaling our lab's operations. Their expertise is one of the reasons that Mako Medical has become one of the fastest-growing companies in North Carolina!
Chad Price
CEO @ Mako Medical

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