Dendi LIS – Clinical Lab Software Solutions

Doug Nesbitt

Partner @ Southern Lab Partners

The Dendi platform is very user-friendly for our office and lab staff. Our clients’ staff have also been very satisfied with using Dendi to retrieve their results. They make positive comments about the product often. Our future with Dendi is very bright, and we’re very excited with what the Dendi team will continue to become.
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Amanda Elam, PhD

CEO @ Galaxy Diagnostics

The Dendi team has been wonderful to work with. We looked at a number of different cloud-based LIS, and Dendi was the best fit for our lab today with plenty of room to grow. They are super responsive and listen carefully to our requirements. A+ for customer service!
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Chad Price

CEO @ Mako Medical

The Dendi team has been instrumental in automating, streamlining, and scaling our lab’s operations. They understand lab operations and how to utilize software at the lab – their expertise is one of the reasons that Mako Medical has become one of the fastest-growing companies in North Carolina!

Randy Long

President @ Carolina Medical & Lab Management

I presented Dendi with a unique lab situation, and they rose to the occasion. Every feature I needed or possibly wanted is in this package. The team is intimately involved in their product and comes up with new ideas and improvements constantly.

Natalie Smith, PhD

CLIA Lab Director @ BioAgilytix

Dendi is a great company with a revolutionary software platform for labs. The Dendi team has diligently worked with our team to adapt their system to the needs of our lab. I highly recommend this product to both new and existing labs!

Austin Fitzwater

Founder @ Coqui Health

We’ve seen incredible success working with the Dendi team to roll out new technology-enabled solutions in the clinical space. It all starts with their strong product-driven mentality, and the results show. Their expertise in deploying software is simply unmatched in the lab industry.

Raymond Godwin

Partner @ Newstar Medical Laboratories

Dendi is very responsive whenever we need anything - from updates and fixing issues to guidance on how to get the end results we want.

Natasha Smith, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer @ Roxby Labs

Dendi’s commitment to customer support & ability to move quickly when opportunities arise has been integral to our growth. Lead time for integrating new instrumentation is significantly faster than other vendors (just 2 weeks vs. months for competitors). This helps our lab quickly onboard new assays & capabilities. Their response time is often immediate. Issues that arise are fixed quickly to minimize disruptions in our workflow. 
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