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Galaxy Diagnostics undergoes digital transformation in molecular diagnostics workflows to propel expansion

Galaxy Diagnostics was launched in 2009 to commercialize a more sensitive test for Bartonella species infection (e.g., bartonellosis, cat scratch disease, trench fever, etc.), based on a proprietary technology called Bartonella Alpha Proteobacteria Growth Medium (BAPGM). 

While the laboratory was initially taking off, Galaxy had been utilizing a homegrown LIMS system based on Microsoft Access and a medley of spreadsheets to manage data related to their laboratory operations. However, as the laboratory started to grow, Amanda Elam, Galaxy’s CEO, quickly began to realize that using their existing system would be unsustainable over the long term. 

She began to search for a laboratory information system (LIS) that would allow her laboratory to scale better and drive down operational costs. When we first met Amanda, she had already evaluated several LIS vendors with a molecular diagnostics workflow but was unhappy with what she had seen up to that point. 

“We looked at a number of different cloud-based LIMS and Dendi was the best fit for our lab”, Amanda recalls. “Dendi offered an easy-to-use, well-designed system at an affordable price point for new/small labs like us.”

Today, Galaxy Diagnostics and Dendi are partners in developing the next wave of molecular diagnostics testing workflows. Galaxy is a market leader in Bartonella and Lyme disease testing and is working on broadening its menu of tests to include conventional testing for other bacteria and protozoa, as well as developing more serological, DNA and molecular assays for tick-borne diseases.

“We are excited to offer our customers secure access to patient results and secure remote access for our CLIA lab team. We are also excited to see additional functionality like integration with lab instruments and other software which will help us scale workflow more efficiently in terms of both time and money.”

Amanda Elam
CEO & Co-founder, Galaxy Diagnostics