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Teamworthy Ventures leads $2 million seed funding for Dendi

Our team at Dendi is excited to announce our $2 million round led by Teamworthy Ventures. Also participating were founders and executives from G2, OpenGov, Vetcove, Teamworks, and ChannelAdvisor.

We bootstrapped our way to seven figures in annual revenue and this funding gives us an extra boost to continue to scale our product, R&D, and sales efforts even faster.

Since we launched our product in 2020, our goal has been to simplify diagnostic lab data and workflows with a focus that starts and ends with the patient. 70% of all medical decisions are made using lab results created and reported through crumbling software infrastructure. There is no time to waste. Clinical laboratories are underserved and our team works hard every day to create new software solutions that help lab employees, customers, and partners.

“At Teamworthy Ventures, we have been fortunate to partner with several outstanding teams in vertical SaaS (Toast, OpenGov, Teamworks) and healthcare/life sciences (Capsule Pharmacy, Lively HSA, Quartzy) We are excited to partner with CEO Jihoon Baek, co-founders Simon Jung, and George Zhao along with the entire talented Dendi team,” says Stephen Schmalhofer, partner at Teamworthy Ventures and new board member at Dendi. “Our investment team includes a medical doctor and a biomedical engineer; we’ve long been interested in new opportunities related to diagnostic labs and tests. After speaking with many happy lab customers, we discovered that Dendi is the best, most flexible platform to help labs grow and serve physicians and patients better and faster. With Dendi, Teamworthy Ventures is also excited to lead another investment in the Raleigh-Durham area and look forward to partnering with more North Carolina entrepreneurs in the future.”

Special thanks to our amazing customers, partners, and employees who inspire us to keep moving forward!

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