Dendi LIS – Clinical Lab Software Solutions

Reduce sample turnaround time (TAT) by 35%.

Dendi LIS is a powerful suite of cloud-based software, built-in integrations,
and management tools that allow your lab to seamlessly adapt to ever-
changing conditions.

Preparation, Meet Opportunity


Cloud-Based Offering

Dendi is a cloud-based platform, which means you don’t need to install any hardware or software and can easily access it from anywhere with an internet connection.


Faster Time-to-Integration

Move quickly with Dendi’s in-house instrument integrations and state-of-the-art integration engine. Interface with any system: billing, EHR, e-commerce, results interpretation, and more.


Simple, User-Optimized Design

User experience is what makes a product tick, and we balance powerful tools with ease-of-use. Our mantra when it comes to product design: “think simple”.


Next-Level Customer Support

We’re not just a software company. Dendi’s laboratory information system is built with a team of lab experts with decades of experience, ready to support your lab’s success.

A Force Multiplier


Optimize Operations

Automate and eliminate operational bottlenecks using our efficiency-driven workflows. Free up resources to complete more tests, faster.


Leverage Business Intelligence

Use Dendi’s built-in analytics and business intelligence tools to make smart, data-driven decisions that will allow your lab to flourish.


Collaborate With Providers

Facilitate seamless order entry and results delivery by utilizing our integrated and user-centric Provider Portal.


Engage Your Patients

Be a direct-to-consumer testing pioneer by utilizing our Patient Portal to register patients and directly deliver results and notifications.


Keep Data Secure

Follow proper data management standards and leave the rest of security to our Amazon-certified secure platform.


Maintain Compliance

With our guidance, stay up-to-date with a variety of national accreditation systems including HIPAA, CLIA, and CAP.