Dendi Lab Software Solutions

A Fresh Start

Doug Nesbitt is a business partner at Southern Lab Partners, a full-service independent laboratory based in Birmingham, Alabama. Southern Lab Partners works with healthcare practices, hospitals, and emergency care clinics throughout the Southeast. They offer services such as hematology, chemistry, toxicology, and a wide range of molecular (qPCR) testing. 

Prior to partnering with Dendi, Southern Lab Partners was using Merge, a traditional, on-prem laboratory information system (LIS). Merge was no longer being fully supported, and therefore, could not adapt to new market conditions and expectations. Doug and his team felt the pain of being “stuck” in an antiquated workflow loop and realized that they needed new software to help re-elevate their automation efforts and business operations. 

However, upon months of research and speaking with many potential LIS vendors, Doug began to realize that switching to yet another old, antiquated system would not be worth the risk for his business. He reached out to the Dendi team for help. 

“We chose Dendi because we were looking for a fresh start, and we wanted a partner to grow with. The lab industry can evolve so quickly that you really need a partner that can understand those changes and be able to adapt.” 

Doug Nesbitt
Partner, Southern Lab Partners

Facilitating Change

Keys to success:

  • Advance provider engagement using the integrated Dendi Provider & Patient Portal
  • Financial management with billing integrations 
  • Optimize operational efficiency using analytics and management tools
  • Create redundant workflows to facilitate LIS conversion
  • Boost sample throughput via Dendi’s instrument integration and automation process

Delivering Results

Not only is the laboratory workflow more efficient and seamless at Southern Lab Partners, but they have also seen real business results. In fact, business has been booming – they have quadrupled in size and have seen double-digit profit growth since implementing the Dendi platform. 

Amidst the daily chaos and the inevitable growing pains, the Southern Lab Partners team has maintained order by being hyper-disciplined and process driven. They are communicative and timely with their deliverables and always hold each other accountable. Their team-based approach is also paying dividends: with Dendi’s help, they are growing their provider base at a breakneck pace. 

“We hear from our reps that doctors love using the provider portal,” Doug says. “The Dendi team has been super approachable and flexible from the beginning, and we are very happy that we’ve been able to collaborate together to get exactly what we need.”