Dendi Lab Software Solutions

Roxby Labs was established in the city of Wheeling, WV soon after the Covid-19 pandemic began in March 2020. As the spread expanded, Roxby President Jeffrey Morris and his family were impacted by the coronavirus along with the rest of the country.

The Northern Panhandle of West Virginia suffered from inaccessibility to affordable testing and extremely long wait times for results. Roxby Labs came to fill the need for quality Covid-19 testing.

After a subpar experience with their previous LIS, set up by a turnkey lab consultation firm, Roxby understood the need to find a solution better suited to their unique operational needs. After speaking with several LIS vendors, they decided on Dendi. As a result, Roxby was prepared to execute on a contract awarded by the state of West Virginia to process Covid PCR testing in free testing sites across the entire Northern Panhandle and take on many other opportunities.

“We chose Dendi for their excellent team, responsiveness, bundled physician and
patient portals included in the LIS package, and their highly competitive price. The
Dendi team has been integral in our growth.”

Natasha Smith, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer @ Roxby Labs

Keys to Success

  • Dendi’s API supported the development of Roxby Lab’s custom mobile platform for at-home test monitoring and verification required by West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources for the pilot K-12 test-to-stay program.
  • Patient portal provided easy access to patient intake and results reporting.
  • Flexible test configurability gives Roxby Labs the capability to expand their test menu, seek
  • new opportunities and scale operations.

Facilitating Success

Roxby Labs excels at leveraging existing relationships within their community to build their business to meet the needs of the region. Confirmation STI testing & quantitative HIV and Hepatitis testing will quickly be validated due to West Virginia’s alarming increase in HIV and other infectious diseases associated with intravenous drug use. West Virginia has extremely high cancer rates and is first in the country for coronary disease. Thus, an extensive menu of cancer genetic testing and coronary diagnostics will be implemented to improve medical decisions and accelerate timelines to make treatment decisions.

Dendi’s commitment to customer support & ability to move quickly when opportunities arise has been integral to our growth. First, the lead time for integrating new instrumentation is significantly faster than competitors (2 weeks for Dendi compared to months for competitors). This helps our lab quickly onboard new assays & capabilities. Their response time to questions is often immediate. Issues that arise are fixed quickly to minimize disruptions in our workflow.

Natasha Smith, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer @ Roxby Labs