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Inspire Diagnostics utilizes Dendi’s lab informatics platform to deliver a comprehensive testing solution with patient engagement tools


Inspire Diagnostics Takes on the Pandemic

Before partnering with Dendi in 2020, Inspire Diagnostics was just getting off the ground. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Inspire was aiming to fulfill the massive demand for direct access testing in a non-traditional clinical setting. 

Inspire’s team needed a custom solution and a trusted partner who would be flexible enough to develop a comprehensive digital health platform in union with the vision of Inspire’s executive management team. The desired solution needed to be one that could manage complex clinical lab workflows with an easily integrated platform that could be deployed nationwide quickly and with minimal overhead. That’s where Dendi came into the picture. 


The Dendi Solution: Doing More With Less

After partnering with Dendi, Inspire Diagnostics quickly set up testing infrastructure and operations, allowing them to play a vital role in the pandemic response by delivering millions of test results in a timely manner. 

Dendi’s complete lab informatics platform allowed Inspire to onboard new equipment, workflows, and staff in weeks (months faster than the industry standard). In addition, as Inspire’s team developed additional proprietary applications for operations, logistics, and patient engagement tools, they were able to seamlessly integrate these applications into Dendi’s industry-leading API suite, creating a fully integrated and automated operating system – ultimately allowing Inspire’s team to do more with less. 

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Inspire Diagnostics’ Rapid Rise to Success

Inspire’s successful execution of 24-hour turnaround time for all tests allowed them to become a well-known and trusted partner for schools, workplaces, and the cruise sector nationwide. 

By 2022, Inspire had become the preferred diagnostics provider for dozens of school districts serving thousands of students, and forged relationships with blue-chip companies across the country. Inspire exceeded its annual goals for sales, financials and operations, closing the fiscal year with millions of COVID-19 tests conducted in the U.S. and a steady stream of new customers knocking on the door.

A Pivotal Partnership

“Dendi has been pivotal to Inspire’s growth. We needed a nimble partner with innovative and tech-forward solutions to help us achieve our vision, and we’re glad to have found that with Dendi.”
Rick Salas, President
Inspire Health Alliance 

The success of Inspire Diagnostics and its health-tech platform has led to the formation of the Inspire Health Alliance, a network of healthcare providers committed to delivering high-quality care to their patients. Inspire Health Alliance provides patients with comprehensive diagnostic and testing services, focusing on accuracy, efficiency, and convenience.

“We take pride in being a part of Inspire Health Alliance’s overall success. Contributing to Inspire Diagnostic’s impressive achievements reinforces our mission to provide software solutions that meet the technological needs of the healthcare industry and ultimately improve patient care. We are excited to continue our partnership with Inspire Health Alliance and support their mission to provide high-quality care to their patients.”
Jihoon Baek, CEO

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