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GenXys and Dendi Announce Strategic Partnership

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GenXys and Dendi Partner to Offer Integrated Solutions for PGx Interpretation and Medication Decision Support North Carolina – GenXys and Dendi have announced a partnership to provide comprehensive test results and clinical decision support to clinicians nationwide. The collaboration will deliver a tightly-integrated solution that utilizes a technology-driven workflow to interpret pharmacogenomic (PGx) results and […]

Arkstone Medical Solutions and Dendi Announce Strategic Partnership

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Arkstone Medical Solutions and Dendi have announced an exciting new partnership that will revolutionize the way healthcare providers approach clinical decision-making. This collaboration combines Arkstone’s cutting-edge AI technology and infectious disease expertise with Dendi’s innovative laboratory information system (LIS) to provide clinicians nationwide with comprehensive and accurate test results, as well as advanced clinical decision […]

Dendi and Shadowbox Announce Partnership to Advance Workflow Automation in Clinical Labs

Dendi & Shadowbox Offer Instant EHR Integrations Solutions in a Modern LIS Package    Dendi and Shadowbox, Inc. are proud to announce a strategic partnership to advance workflow automation and drive value and savings for our mutual customers. Dendi Inc. offers a powerful, user-optimized software infrastructure for clinical labs, while Shadowbox, Inc. provides healthcare workflow […]

Teamworthy Ventures leads Seed Funding for Dendi, raising $2 million

Our team at Dendi is excited to announce our $2 million round led by Teamworthy Ventures. Also participating were founders and executives from G2, OpenGov, Vetcove, Teamworks, and ChannelAdvisor.

We bootstrapped our way to seven figures in annual revenue and this funding gives us an extra boost to continue to scale our product, R&D, and sales efforts even faster.