Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals.

Provider Portal

Empower providers to create requisitions, analyze data, and view results directly from their own portal. Maintain a competitive edge, all without the burden of extra integrations.

Specimen Tracking

Track samples from order entry all the way to report delivery. Our cloud-based LIS allows users to seamlessly track samples no matter where the sample is in the laboratory testing lifecycle.

End-to-End Automation

Capture the benefits of end-to-end automation. Whether it’s an instrument, an EMR, or an API for another software vendor, we integrate and automate as much as possible so that our users can focus on what they do best.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics are the key to mastering business operations. Harness the immense value locked away in your own laboratory data store to stay ahead of the curve. Our dashboards provide clear and actionable insights.

Report Generation

Meaningful and effective reporting has never been easier. Select from generated report templates, create your own template, or even use external reporting services via our configurable and flexible APIs.

Unified System

Instead of thinking of an LIS as being made up of separate and discrete modules, we've designed our system to be one powerful and integrated system, capable of handling all testing modalities and types.

Elegant, efficient, and effective. Take your laboratory to the next level with our LIS.