Dendi for Clinical Labs

Our modern, cloud-based platform helps clinical labs maximize operational efficiency, generate more revenue and promote positive patient outcomes. Learn more about the specific ways in which we help our customers achieve these business goals.

The Next Generation of LIS

Today’s labs face immense pressure to prove value within large health systems and scale operations while keeping costs low. By implementing a fully integrated LIS, labs can offer access to comprehensive patient data, efficiently deliver test results and support a more seamless, value-based care experience.


Maximize Operational Efficiency

Eliminate the need for lab personnel to manually enter data, and free up technicians’ time to complete more tests.


Increase Testing Capacity and Variety

Acquire new instruments and let our team help you easily integrate the new hardware into our system. 


Collaborate Across Networks

Act as a care partner within provider networks and integrate information across facilities and broader health systems. 


Support Patient Outcomes

Introduce end-to-end integration to remove bottlenecks from the minute an order is placed to the moment results are delivered.


Keep Data Secure

Our highly secure system follows proper data management standards and ensures confidentiality.


Maintain Industry Compliance

Maintain compliance with a variety of national accreditation systems including CLIA, HIPAA and CAP. 

How it Works

Cloud-Based Offering

Dendi is a cloud-based platform, which means you don’t need to install any hardware or software and can easily access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Efficient System Integrations

Instrument integrations can be set up so that results will flow directly from the instrument to the LIS, and external integrations offer end-to-end automation.

User-Friendly Provider Portal

Dendi’s provider portal makes it easy for providers to place an order and view test results from any place there is an internet connection. 

Patient Profile Management

Both labs and providers can create or edit patient profiles within the Dendi platform to keep track of patient demographics,  insurance information and test results. 

Let’s Work Together

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