Dendi Lab Software Solutions


The Complete Operating System for Modern Labs

Dendi’s laboratory information system is designed to optimize clinical workflows from end to end.

Get more accurate orders, quicker results, and higher reimbursement rates.

Implement Quickly. Operate Efficiently. Scale Effortlessly.

The statistics speak for themselves. Dendi LIS helps labs improve their processes and metrics across the board.

(Based on 2023 survey of Dendi customers)


Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in lab revenues after Dendi implementation

27 days

faster to go live, on average for instrument integrations performed by Dendi


of surveyed labs agree that Dendi drastically improved commercial operations

Simple & Intuitive Workflows

Dendi is a secure, cloud-based software platform that can be accessed from any device with a web browser, eliminating the complexity, cost, and risks of equipment maintenance.

Designed for clinical labs, patient-centric workflows are intuitive, unlike ELN/LIMS combinations, where workflows are specimen-centric. 

With a focus on healthcare solutions, Dendi simplifies and automates clinical workflows on top of a user-friendly interface.

Read verified reviews on G2 to see why Dendi is the best-in-class operating system for clinical diagnostics laboratories. 

Dendi LIS interface mockup


Future-proof your lab with product updates released frequently and in perpetuity. Our team listens intently to your ideas and develops solutions to bring them to reality.  

Seamlessly add new workflows with flexibly-designed features that natively support a high-throughput, full-service lab.

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements using software functionalities built to HIPAA, CLIA, & CAP guidelines.

Create your own reports, or use built-in templates for routine, toxicology, molecular, or single-result reports.

Reduce friction with a built-in provider portal designed for easy test ordering and instant results delivery. Automated and paper-free. 

Integrated Services that Differentiate

Provide clinical decision support and value-added insights to your physicians via select interpretive reporting partners (such as Coriell, Arkstone, GenXys), or directly integrate with your own software platform. 

Optimize revenue cycle and ensure clean claims data on the front end using our built-in patient eligibility verification and insurance discovery tools.

Consolidate your software spend and save integration costs with new services that are constantly being added and integrated into the Dendi platform.  

Dendi Integrations Graphic

More than a Software Vendor

Dendi LIS offers a platform of interconnected solutions that meet your team’s software needs today and seamlessly expand to support additional needs over time.

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Made by Lab Experts

Designed by lab people for lab people. With years of lab management experience, our product team consists of lab professionals that understand your lab’s needs.

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Responsive Support

Access to a responsive support system and a dedicated customer success team to ensure system uptime and maintenance whenever you need it.


Integration Pros

Minimize the downtime and costs of interfacing with instruments, EHRs, or other services. Dendi does it all end-to-end, seamlessly.


Updates Included

Receive free access to the latest useful features and optimizations with continuous, hassle-free product enhancements and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dendi supports a variety of clinical testing modalities including:

  • Genomics: pharmacogenomics (PGx), cancer genomics (CGx), precision oncology, and more
  • Toxicology
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Hematology

Dendi is a fast-growing, nimble company that’s not afraid to take risks with our partners. By providing a unique, modern, and elegant user experience, we are setting a higher standard for lab software. Read our customer reviews to see why Dendi is the leading LIS solution in customer satisfaction

We understand healthcare and clinical diagnostics at a deep level and can speak your language. 

We proactively cultivate strategic partnerships with other best-in-class service providers and tools to expand your lab’s capabilities. 

Pricing for Dendi LIS is a simple, fixed, monthly subscription. There’s no nickel and diming for updates, training, or support. The platform includes the provider portal, QC module, data exports, product updates, and customer support. Run unlimited tests, add unlimited users, and create unlimited client accounts at no extra cost. Only pay for instrument and service integrations setup and maintenance, as needed, as your lab grows.

Contact us for a quote today.

Dendi LIS’ mature feature set is trusted by clinical labs of all types. However, we still strive to innovate and add new features on a constant basis. The following are some of Dendi’s features:

  • Client Portal (Orders & Results)
  • Standing Orders
  • Instrument Plate Map Templates
  • Configurable User Permissions and Audit Logs
  • Insurance Discovery and Eligibility (at time-of-order)
  • Open API
  • Exportable Billing Reports
  • Individual Test and Test Panel Configuration
  • Configurable Report Templates and Report Customization
  • Bi-directional Instrument Integration
  • Instrument QC 

Contact us to ask about any features or to see a demo!

Take advantage of the newly established Startup Incentive Program that drastically decreases the cost for qualified startup labs. Starting at just $1,250/month. 

Contact us about Startup Incentive Program pricing.

There are multiple billing-related tools within Dendi that allow you to manage payers as patient insurance information, as well as set procedure/CPT codes for each panel. 

In addition, we support direct integration with RCM software such as AdvancedMD, Xifin, Quadax, and others.  

If you need an integration to a revenue cycle management service for features like prior authorization, claims scrubbing, insurance discovery, or insurance verification, Dendi integrates with many industry-leading RCM vendors.

We’re proud to be #1 in the entire industry when it comes to implementation.

We can do this because the Dendi platform is a vertically-integrated solution – meaning, we own the entire implementation & integration processes, end-to-end. This reduces unnecessary third-party dependencies and allows us to make promises we can keep. 

Depending on the size, scope, and complexity of your lab, typical timelines range from 2 weeks for a brand-new startup lab (1 to 3 instruments) to 6 weeks for a high-throughput lab (10+ instruments) with many testing modalities. This includes instrument interfacing, onboarding with accounts and test menu setup, and staff training.

Our support team is well-trained, highly available, and has clinical lab and software expertise. You can expect to hear back within an hour for general support inquiries. We also offer 24/7 support to select partners. 

Reference Dendi’s extensive documentation center which consists of written and video guides for “how-to” reference and for onboarding new staff with minimal effort.  

In addition, your lab can leverage Dendi’s pre-implementation solutions consulting, professional implementation services, and customer success management expertise to help you get the most out of the Dendi platform.